Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blah Blah!!! Blaaah!! Blah!!

I am happy....yea it happens rarely...but i am happy!!!

Exams are over!!! I have 1 month of vacation to look forward !!! Winter is getting all the more chilly!!! And so many prospective fun plans hatchin in my mind!!! Ahh life!!!....

So as I am so happy I am so unable to write any next story is still playing in my mind...searchin fr a deserving ending and proper words....damn!!! waiting to get sad

Thus i thot lets blabber a bit randomly.....

let me admit at first I have a peculiarly bad habit on evesdroppin oders bus stops, restaurants and parks....wen i m alone i m drawn to oder's convos....

And if u try doin it...u will be amused dat how funny they are....
Disclaimer: All the characters below and events are real and they happend in front of my eyes!! So if u r one of the characters in those events.Dunt mind. Shit Happens!! I have kept the dialogues in Hindi as they were told to retain the flavor :D

Location: Chai shop behind my college

Characters: Few guys frm our college prolly...dunno!!

Guy1: "abbe chetan bhagat ka one night @ call center para"

Guy2: "wo kaun hai"

Guy3:"arre ise kuch pata nahi.bahut sahi writer hai"

Guy1:"kafi sahi book kai. mai kal se 4 page par liya.wo train me ja raha hota hai. summer train. ek ladki se milta wo use bolta hai ki mai writer hoon. aur uska 1st book kya tha....haan kuch 3 mistakes.....wo bolta hai uske bare me"

Guy2: "sahi be....ladki kaisi thi!!"

Guy3:"arre uska kuch movie bhi aa raha hai...'hello' naam hai shayad."

Guy2:"bhag...wo to kabka release ho gaya...kuch aur hai....mai to kal hi bookstore jake uske charo book order de diya....mere full collection ban jayega"

Location: Cigarette Shop (By some eerie coincidence all of india's cigarette-pan wala hav a best friend who is inevitably chai-wala!!! And dey talk abt evrything frm politics to poultry!!)

Characters:Cigarette wala (A) and Pan wala(B)

The conversation was in Hindi and Oriya mix....I translated Oriya to Hindi!!
B: "arre ek naya oriya filam lagi hai... 2012...kal dekh aaya"

A:"wo angrezi filam hai.....oriya nahi....dubbin ki hai"

B:"ooo...par sahi movie hai....dikhata hai duniya 2012 me khatam ho jayega"

A:"ye sab jhut dikhate hai"

B:"nahi...sahi me!! wo ek movie thi na...titanic...uski tarah duniya kahatam ho jayega....mai to pura dar gaya"

A nd B both hurriedly lighting cigarette

A:"isse aacha to hai cigarette pee ke hi mar jaye"


Location: Train to Kolkata...meant to be reserved....more crowded than general!!

Characters: Two guys stayin in some hostel

Guy1: "Arre aaj mess me mai aur prakash gaye the....wahan abhi paisa dene par ek coupon dete hai meal ka"

Guy 2: "accha"

Guy1:"mere coupon me 'M' likha tha....par prakash aake bola...abe yaar tere me M likha hai par mere me 'W' kyun likha hai!!"

Guy1:" main coupon dekha fir bola....abe gadhe tere me bhi M likha hai....tune coupon ulta pakra tha"

Location: Same train as more crowded...and a guy fallin over disgusted

Characters: Uncle and Cousin

Uncle: "Tune seat kaise chod diya....??"

Cousin:" Arre mujhe toilet jana tha...aake dekha seat le liya"

Uncle:" Arre gadhe aise koi toilet jata hai....itni lagi thi to yahan newspaper bichake karna tha na!!"

Me(Almost loud): "Wat the fuck!!!"


Guess wat!!!! I got my 1st award....yay!!!!

Thanks Chandni for considering me :D

Now as per rules....7 things dat no one knows abt me!!!
1> Most of da mornings I wake up wid a hard on and lose 5 mins convincing myself dat its only need to get excited (**cummon no disgusted luks...u ppl wanted to kno!!)

2>I stole a 20 bucks wala cold drinks bottle frm our college canteen....(ohh cummon...he overcharges!!! and if ur da canteen wala, I am just cn u even imagine i wud steal frm u)

3>Dere was a language skill class in college long time bak...we were supposed to giv speech on our idol.....I choose "Himesh Reshmmiya" (I still remember da face of da teacher and whole class fr dose 5 mins...horrified to core.....dunt worry Himesh is not my idol....maybe Anu Malik is!!)

4>Till class 7th or 8th I thot engineers are ppl who drove rail engines...and cudnt figure out why it was so coveted....its just lame ass drivin!!!...(
hah!!! now i am studying engineering)

5>The farewell gift I gave to my class teacher after 10th... was actually bought by a frnd of mine to propose to his crush....sad fr him he got rejected.. :D (
cummon...nyways he ws gonna throw dat away!)

6>I actually went to see RGV ki Aag....and sat thru the whole movie....(
I cudnt speak dat whole evenin)

7>I can fly....(wats dat look...see now u dont trust me...u trusted me fr all of da above...nd not fr mean)

Now as per rules I pass on this award to those few who truly write frm tru spirit of bloggin...

1>Shreya: Creativ maximus....she has her way wid words...and she writes her heart out!!!

2>Orange: i adore her wen she ponders...coz she ends up askin such questions dat we all fail to answer.....she dares to ask!!!

3>Bliss: I wait fr her comments..coz apart frm me rarely nyone reads my post wid so much sensitivity....she writes less...but writes wat she feels...unadulterated

4>Raghav: He black paints darkness....switch off da lights...and read some of his scribblings...darkness will engulf u!!!

5>Annie:coz she is da magical maiden...coz wen i see ny new post frm her....i keep it to read at da end of da day...coz i am sure...she will always make me smile at da end!!

6>All my oder new blog frnds and very old blog frnds who knos how much i love dem....u know how precious u ppl are....and ur comments are!!!...cheers!!!

And finally, the rules for you guys out there:
1) List 7 things about yourself that nobody know.
2) Pass on this award to 7 other people.
3) Comment on their blog and let them know that they are tagged.

Yea....I boast!!!::

"BF : There is a very peculiar character in his writing. He says more than what he 'needs' to say. I wouldn't. But he does."



oRange* said...

thankeee :)

Urvashi said...

Good observations regardin the conversations u ovr heard :D

Liked the M n W wala the most.....ohh hw much some ppl boast n hw much some r dumb..this shows tht :P

Congrats 4 the award... enjoy ur vacs..

Cheers :)

Madhu said...

congrats on your first award...incidentally i got the same award last week...:) Well good to find u write somethin after so long!!

wierd convo's happen everywhere..mind u,i am also a part of that kinda self checkin at the moment..:P:D

bliss said...

y m i not surprised to know that u r sad wen u write so well... ahh, maybe writers' style!!! thanks for awarding me. my first awsard, u know!!!! :)

Chanz said...

hahaha... loved the conversations... u have a keen observation (and a good memory too).. :P

n r u seriosu abt the hard on... I mean REALY...?? I cant stop laughing...... u gotta be kidding man.. Ok. On a serious note. Does that happen every day.. HAHAHA... god, i am literally rolling on the floor... Gosh..

buckingfastard said...

@Orange: My pleasure maam!!

@Urvashi: arre thnk u thnk was damn hard to control my laufter in front of dem...and amusin thing was dey dint evn found it funny!!!

buckingfastard said...

@Madhu: yea!!! last month ws soo hectic...i cud jst manage abt 12-13 hrs of sleep evryday...phew!! :P

arre i lik ppl doin wierd convo....keeps me dunt self check... :D

buckingfastard said...

@bliss:well as i said maybe our sensitivity level u kno it be4 hand!!!

ohh yipee...i awarded u da 1st award...i m sooo happy(*** see how i m happy abt evrythin nowadays)

buckingfastard said...

@Chandni: yea i hv gud memory...but sad thing is dey always absorb junk convos...not my study notes... :(

how cruel....i m sure it happns 2 oder guys as well...plsss nyone help me out here!!! nd ur serious note wasnt serios enuf!!! yea most of days...

i need to get my dreams moderated!!! :O

IcE MaiDeN said...


Awesome conversations, esp the duniya end hone wali hai one :D :D lolz!!!!

EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! about u know what!!! *whackkk* :P

Himesh reshamiyaa!!!!! waaah!!! Anu malik would have been better actually... u know u could have used gaane n all :P :D

You can fly??? wow! :P

And AWWWWWWW!!!! Thankkkk youuuu for the award, Ill put it up soon! :) :) :)


The West Wind said...


first of all Hello, I am new to your blog !! Secondly very nice post.. realistic humour.. its a good flavour!! And congrats for the award :)

buckingfastard said...

@annie: :D lolz...funny ppl keeps me entertaind!!!

i kno...i luv anu original nd all!!!

ahh da EWWW!!! wat to do...truth is so disgusting...i cud hav told..evryday i wake up and pray fr 5 mins....

arre i can fly so well i got lotsa frequent flier miles....kk bad PJ admitted


buckingfastard said...

@west wind: arre welcome welcome!!!

u kno wen i 1st went to ur profile i was like...OMG she is did she understood my post and all...den ur blog cleard it up!!!

nd thnk u fr all dose gud gud things...

keep cuming!!! :D

blunt edges said...

next time i'm talking (read yelling) at a public place, i'll keep my eyes open 4 u ;)

congrats on the award :D

COMMUNI said...

I think i have to start evesdropping...just in case i run out of topics for my blog..good one ;)

buckingfastard said...

@blunt: naha!!! be blunt....dunt snatch dese measly pleasures frm me :(

only thing more interesting dan dumb convos is ppl gettin into fight on street!!! i luv dat!!

buckingfastard said...

@communi : u can try hanging a tape recorder at a bus stop and recording snippets all day long...actually dats quite an innovative idea isnt it...!!!

Chhaya said...

Really enjoyed the snippets!!

buckingfastard said...

@Chhaya: trust me it was damn hard suppressing ur laughter on front on dem wen dey were happenin!! :D

PaPiLLon said...

hey...dis is the first time i visited ur blog!! luved it!!
n those 7 things were damn funny! especially the first one!! hahaha!! :D

COMMUNI said...

yaar you ought to be my guru!!

buckingfastard said...

@papillon:hey welcome!!! thnkxxx...nd keepin visitin re!!!

ahh dammit i thot dat was a common thing dat 1st one...nyways hw can u gals understand da peril :P

buckingfastard said...

@communi: no prob re!! but i will let u kno my fees....i dunt overcharge!!! c :P

Iddy Albatross said...

Having visited Kolkata multiple times, and travelled a lot on the local trains there, as well as the 'Pataal Rail', those images really played out in front of my eyes! Brilliantly portrayed there... interesting observation u've got, I gotta say :P

Lavender said...

Ya I used to think Engineers were engine drivers too. But that's only until I was 5! lol

buckingfastard said...

@Iddy: ahh a fellow local train traveller...i m sure u can understand da beauty of the situation!!! and da fun quotient!!!

welcome :D...keep visitn!!

buckingfastard said...

@Lavender: phew!!! i was beginnin to think i m mentally challenged!!! :D

waise engine drivers is far more logical dan ppl working to small circuits!!!

Vishnu said...

lol mahn.. i didnt think enineers would be so stupid.. n yeah there is always a fag story..

jiths said...

cool..funny.. interesting...and lots more.. :)

suruchi said...

Congratulations n well deserved:-)

Arre most of the most amazing writers that i come across in the blog world here are engineers...
What are the doing with u guys to turn out such wit heads that humanities n commerce fail to conjure....

I absolutely loved the pointers....
I was smiling...okay correction...grinning throughout!
Super funny n super awesome!
Please keep writing:-)

buckingfastard said...

@jiths: thnk u dude!!! and welcome!!

@suruchi:ohh!! dunt make me regret again....i regret studying engineering evry oder day...i could soo well be studying poetry and novels under pretext of studying in arts!!