Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I looked at you and....

you said 'Hold me tight'
like the sky holds quivering starlight.
like the darkness holds,
a lonely tree highway side.

you said 'Add colors to my life'
The reds of the Mediterranean,
The blues of the Niles
and bit of grey of my Calcutta sky.

you said 'Walk with me'
in the melting heat on the concrete streets.
Hand in hand so tight,
even the sweat fails to trickle by.

you said 'Be my sunshine'
Scattered in the morning mist,
a secret warmth,clandestine.

you said 'Hide me from those judgemental eyes'
we reclaimed our darkness,
in the glare of neon lights.
the mute night stands alibi.

Then you said 'goodbye'
a drop of tear from the black sky.
occasional wind fail to stir the leaves.
hush, can you listen her lost lullaby?

-Me wid a dash of romanticism