Friday, September 19, 2008

A view from my window

Sometimes all u need is a view.....sometimes all u get is a view..... so in this 10 feet by 5 feet room of mine....all i have is this lovely view....and to this view i dedicate this poem....ahem....attempt of mine....

I sit beside my window,
in the breaking daylight.
The sun rises from the mist,
with some hope,and a little pride.

I sit beside my window,
from dawn to dusk.
In the early morning chill,
in the late afternoon lull.

I sit beside my window,
to watch time pass by,
an occasional hello,
an awaiting goodbye.

I sit beside my window,
in search of my love.
My eyes on the horizon,
my hopes in my heart.

I sit beside my window,
and watch people fight.
In anger of revenge,
wats wrong, wats right!

I sit beside my window,
watching my city skyline.
Where a million dreams break,
in the glittering neon shine.

I sit beside my window,
when the kingdom fall.
Where the pawns die,
at the master's call.

I sit beside my window,
in the full moon night.
In search of stars,
lost specks of light.

I sit beside my window,
with a wish to write,
the glimpses from my window,
in the limit of my sight.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Mosquito-Murderer

"Trivial things do matter... more people are killed each year by the bite of mosquitoes than are stepped upon by charging elephants."

Thou after 2 months of stay in hall-7, i have learned da value of joint family....hence i dunt exactly mind the 549 species of insects inhabiting my body rite now.....

but still after all these years i cudnt come in terms wid one particular insect dat has always made things hard for me.....

yea they r the almighty mozzies(ok u non-chetan-bhagat-fans!!! mosquitoes).....

maybe the first insect we indians come across starting frm our birth in dingy i-am-doin-a-favour-on-u-hospital rooms....mosquitoes remains an integral part of our life thruout....

from those early red patches of mosquito bites to those swimming angels in ur much needed cup of tea..dey frustrate u in every possible way.....

dont u recall the sense of relief nd calmness u felt wen u squashed those tiny devils in ur hands......

dint u felt those sadist pleasures seein ur mosquito choke to death in those deadly Mortein coil fumes.....

nd dont u remember the desperation wen the mozzie u were chasing just cuts out of ur reach to reach the ceiling....nd gives those devil's grin to u....

but believe it  or not....dey have helped us in many ways making us wat we r today....

may be i can just list a few:

1> they r the messengers who r 1st 2 inform u in the darkness of the nite...dat ur fan is not working....nd u  better not try to sleep

2> wid every mozzie we kill...they gives us hope that we can fight evil nd win.....

3> nd wid the next badge of mozzies brings bak u to reality....tht point 2 was just a hope not a possibility

4> They gives us our 1st lesson of killing....1st taste of power over the weak

may not be da best insect to live with....but i have learned my ways.....atleast they dunt retort wen i vent my anger on dem.....

so wen i see one lying dead near me due to my wrath....i feel maybe somehow this mosquito is da better one out of us....atleast it dint asked for a reason....dint argued....dint manipulated.....

just accepted da law of nature.....the big dominates the small......bullies it nd ultimately kills it......

ppl say......mosquitoes r a burden on earth....gud for nothing.....hence they reason tht its better we kill dem.....

but we forget dat wat gud r we for??? nd who gave us da rite to claim our land as our own.....

i dunt feel guilty....nd maybe i will keep killing dem nd i m sure u will too.....we hav "graver"concerns to attend in our life......

but yes....given a chance i wud wish things werent this way....maybe something better cud hav been worked out by god.....