Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thru my camera lens!!

Sorry!!! I am no man of art.....for me M.F.Hussain is as significant as Einstein's GTR to my messwallah!!

I never been to an art gallery.....even watchin Drona for 2 times sounds far lucrative!!

neither do i justify billions wasted on auction of a few relics of art!!

But this few days of celebration in Kolkata proved me one thing....art is everywhere around u....u just need to look in a right manner....nd u will see its beauty....

Hence i take a backseat nd let my camera guide you through this amazing kaleidoscope of culture, art and enthusiasm dat tells me one thing.....

somewhere down the line I m proud to be a bong....

This amazing piece of pandal art signifies the value of time....and its history

Maybe this could answer those hopeless fundamentalist....god is a concept of inner self...and can be presented however u feel he is....
This is the modern take of the goddess of Shakti

Beauty is truth, truth beauty - that is all, Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

--John Keats

An attempt to save our ancient art of mask.....anyways ppl nowadays r bold enuf.....to crush da progress of society...nd nt even ask for a mask(read Mamata Bannerjee)

God doesnt have to be someone larger than life....it is something u can recognize wid.....she can be just another woman

This pandal was a wonderful piece of ceramic art....wid broken china pieces....one that i will remember for a very long time

The doors of devil sometimes lead to god.....but its important to overcome your fear

Just gave me the feeling of being in wonderland.....and all this was made up...believe it or not!!

Sometimes i feel non-violence is not that bad afterall....

Dint quite understood wat it meant....but watevr it was....it was gorgeous....

This made me think...why we always thought god to be fair skinned!!.....deep down in heart are we people as liberal as we portray ourselves????

Maybe all good things are supposed to end...so here we are saying adios with a bit of sweet and bit of colour....

Maybe somewhere down the line I regret being a bong.....i regret all those lost years....wid this magnitude of talent i regret of wat we cud hav done if we had the right light to show path!!

Shubho Bijaya!!