Sunday, May 9, 2010

B.O.R.E.D help me!!!

Now what is the limit of getting bored...means when can you really tell that you are bored

is it when you sleep more than you remain awake in a day?? yea..hav done dat...but no dats not the benchmark!!!

is it when your eating schedule is centered more around to pass time instead of pacifying your hunger??...

is it when you watch back to back 2 good porn?? lemme tell you..the goodness of a porn is decided by the fact that how less amount of time you "need" to watch the porn...if its less than 5 mins..dude work on your system...if its less than 15 mins...yea..ur in my league...if less than 30 mins...ur GOD!!...if less than 40 mins...u need god!!
so 2 good porn back to back is really sad!!!

is it when you actually refresh your face book home page more than twice per minute??...oh yea...i am telling u...dis is desperate!!

thou you shud kno that options like finishing seasons of series and watchin 3 back to back movies are already done...and they feature at much more insignificant position

hung around pubs and bars alone for long enuf to ppl start to wonder abt my intentions!!

oh yea!!! now again...can anyone explain...why I am frisked more at malls than my friends...kk I get da fact my beard can compete wid Osama's(ahh!! dunt stare like dat...its a metaphor)

nyways..back to boredom!!

now I have heard and read writers and who-even-read's-them-poets blame their success on the leisure and boredom they undergo to let their mind roam in another level of intelligence(rocket science wala intelligence is 1st floor...dis special wala is 2nd floor of intelligence)...

but I tell u...ideas comes to me during pressure periods...cummon dunt tell me that microcontroller pin diagram doesnt reminds you of strip tease dancers???

kk..everything reminds me of strip tease dancers...but I am sure you also have your own happy place where you can go only when you are under pressure...

and guess what...just as soon as my friends will get over their exam...i will be away for 2 months to Hyderabad!!!!!!

now I am not exaggerating..but even Armstrong had Aldrin with him on moon!!!

how are you supposed to survive all alone in a city working on some project at a godforsaken out of civilisation college campus!!!

so I cry out to the internet community...if anyone reading this blog is as bored as me and is from hyderabad...please rescue me from this loneliness..and well less dramatically show me around the city!!!ahh...whom am I me around the pubs too if you can!!! (dammit there there is no doe-eyed emoticons)

and hey!! I went to my old school...and damn it was emosanal!! and I now sooo miss school life!!!and ad my creativity is on a medical leave...i leave you with this rhymy poem I wrote!!! :D deal wid it!!

A bit of me died,
when dad said goodbye.
In a pricky tight uniform,
I clutched the school gates and cried.

A bit of me died,
in my first school fight.
My first torn button,
my first bruised thigh.

A bit of me died,
when i first wet my pants,
with eyes lowered,
and shame realized.

A bit of me died,
with bits of broken glass pane.
An abandoned cricket ball.
Under the principal's glare.

A bit of me died,
of anxiety of delight,
of those precious 60 minutes.
When i first bunked my class to hide.

A bit of me died,
choking on my first stolen tiffin.
On the dry cold breads.
and sweetness of sly.

A bit of me died,
when i saw her smile.
My first love letter,
my first rejection alike.

A bit of me died,
in guessing the words,
and muted silencies,
of flash of genius in dumb charades.

A bit of me died,
in wide eyed awe.
on those slipping chiffons,
of my english teacher.

A bit of me died,
on the farewell dance.
In illusion of good riddance,
in search of a better world outside.

The rest of me that survived,
is endangered in the fight of might.
Wants to go back in a reverse drive.
Inside those closed walls,
where i am my innocence personified...

P.S: Hey!!! its my half random post after like months!!!.... :)

P.P.S:Hope I can come up with something worthwhile soon :P