Friday, April 10, 2009

Shut up and dance!!

Dancing like mad in a group dance : !!check!!

yea cummon....i m sure u also have a list of things u want to do before u die....those freaky things abt which u had silent fantasies in night ...those emotional vows that u gave urself every time u fell and thought that this is the moment u will change urself....those angry revenges u planned so vivaciously for da guy who ran away wid ur date.....!!!

well atleast fr me 1 got checked off da list!!! yipeee!!

so da occasion was our hall day...wid overrated food and high bass music system....

and da best thing oder dan dancing madly is watchin ppl dancing madly....u can see a person whole emotion coming out....unrestricted....pure....and sometimes...ahem...ugly!!!

but i noticed u can group dem into few categories...and it do tell lots abt dere character:

1>Party Starter: dey r da self-presumed-cool-dudes of da group.....and dey always need to keep one step ahead as a measure of dere as soon as da drumroll beings...dey r on da floor...thou dey dunt do much of dancing....dere main objective is pulling dere not so interested partners on da floor and get lost in crowd!!!

2>Touch-me-nots:dey r da ppl who r found on da periphery of da dance floor....all dey can manage is lill hip groove and claps....loads of soon as u invite dem to dance...dey will blush away...but nevertheless dey will stay at dat periphery awaitin more invitation to reject!!

3>1-man-band: dey r mostly in da centre stage....closed eyes...and drenched in own or oders sweat!!....dey r totally frustrated wid life....and want to dance as vigorously as dey shag off!!....behind dere closed eyes dey r wid aishwarya in da valleys of Ooty...dey mostly end up wid asthma attacks!!

4>toy-train-runners: yes....u have dem evrywhere....dey dunt kno a dime abt dancing....dey dunt have faintest idea dat dey suck in dancing....all dey can do is make annoyin human trains wid dere fellow train-runners and stamp through ppls feet over da dance floor....ouch!!! mine feet hurts even now!!! assholes!!

5>body-vibrators: dey r da friendly guys on da floor....all dey do is vibrate dere odd body parts occasionally and keep welcomin newcomers to da floor and bid goodbye to those leavin....dey stay till da end...wen da DJ requests dem to get da fuck off da floor...nd keeps wonderin...why??

6>territorial groups: dey r da late joiners....dey always find dere own territory on da floor and shows all dere monkey dance on dat labelled of da floor is alien to dem...and incase some one wanders off ...he can be found in a state of shock at da end of da party....totally lost!!!

7>hippie dancers: dey r probably da best dancers of da floor...and dey feel sorry for we lesser all dey do is go to person to person...shows dem some steps to keep dem engaged for rest of da evenin....nd carries on!!....long live hippies!!!

8>worthless commenters: dey r da useless of all...dey sit in a far corner away from da dance floor...and all dey do is comment on oder ppls dancin style....but silently covets abt burnin da dance floor....hey wait a sec!!!...dat sounds like me!! ohh hell wid me!!!

so as i was outwardly laughin and inwardly coveting abt da whole fellow frnd commenter Anubhav( ) said those golden words.....

"I always wanted to dance madly in situation like dis....but i guess i am too shy"

and dats all i needed....wat followed is a fierce realisation of our dreams....on non-understandable vulgar Oriya tracks....and rest was sweaty!!!! really sweaty!!!

"We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance."

-Japanese Proverb