Thursday, September 24, 2009

Howrah Bridge - 55 Fiction

"My exams are going on...and i am thoroughly frustrated.So due to lack of time, decided to write my first 55 Fiction(itz a form of micro fiction to be limited under 55 words)....bear wid me "

Sweaty feet made railing sloppy.I looked back to life, saw traffic jam.

I jumped.

The blades of wind ripped my skin.My flesh bare.

Death promised more than life.

Suddenly ropes of life tightened over my chest.

A jerk!!

I was flying back to life.Death disappointed.

My first Bungee Jump from Howrah Bridge.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Monologue of a dying Cigarette

A kiss of your lips,
a guilty look in your eyes.
Your tight gripping fingers,
lost hopes realised.

Sudden stroke of your thumb
and ashes of sorrow falls by.
The light headed look,
now you are floating in the sky.

Let me be your failures.
Let me be those lies.
Let me be the key,
to your lost paradise.

The fire in my heart,
is burning your pain.
Let me be your last,
promise me never again.

Am I death?
as the wise men say.
Or just a nail,
in the coffin of pain u lay.

Lying on the roadside,
crushed and bruised.
I am dying your death,
as u and another me walks away.

-Me or my cigarette

P.S: I personally found it too rhyming for my comfort....lemme kno ur views :)