Sunday, May 9, 2010

B.O.R.E.D help me!!!

Now what is the limit of getting bored...means when can you really tell that you are bored

is it when you sleep more than you remain awake in a day?? yea..hav done dat...but no dats not the benchmark!!!

is it when your eating schedule is centered more around to pass time instead of pacifying your hunger??...

is it when you watch back to back 2 good porn?? lemme tell you..the goodness of a porn is decided by the fact that how less amount of time you "need" to watch the porn...if its less than 5 mins..dude work on your system...if its less than 15 mins...yea..ur in my league...if less than 30 mins...ur GOD!!...if less than 40 mins...u need god!!
so 2 good porn back to back is really sad!!!

is it when you actually refresh your face book home page more than twice per minute??...oh yea...i am telling u...dis is desperate!!

thou you shud kno that options like finishing seasons of series and watchin 3 back to back movies are already done...and they feature at much more insignificant position

hung around pubs and bars alone for long enuf to ppl start to wonder abt my intentions!!

oh yea!!! now again...can anyone explain...why I am frisked more at malls than my friends...kk I get da fact my beard can compete wid Osama's(ahh!! dunt stare like dat...its a metaphor)

nyways..back to boredom!!

now I have heard and read writers and who-even-read's-them-poets blame their success on the leisure and boredom they undergo to let their mind roam in another level of intelligence(rocket science wala intelligence is 1st floor...dis special wala is 2nd floor of intelligence)...

but I tell u...ideas comes to me during pressure periods...cummon dunt tell me that microcontroller pin diagram doesnt reminds you of strip tease dancers???

kk..everything reminds me of strip tease dancers...but I am sure you also have your own happy place where you can go only when you are under pressure...

and guess what...just as soon as my friends will get over their exam...i will be away for 2 months to Hyderabad!!!!!!

now I am not exaggerating..but even Armstrong had Aldrin with him on moon!!!

how are you supposed to survive all alone in a city working on some project at a godforsaken out of civilisation college campus!!!

so I cry out to the internet community...if anyone reading this blog is as bored as me and is from hyderabad...please rescue me from this loneliness..and well less dramatically show me around the city!!!ahh...whom am I me around the pubs too if you can!!! (dammit there there is no doe-eyed emoticons)

and hey!! I went to my old school...and damn it was emosanal!! and I now sooo miss school life!!!and ad my creativity is on a medical leave...i leave you with this rhymy poem I wrote!!! :D deal wid it!!

A bit of me died,
when dad said goodbye.
In a pricky tight uniform,
I clutched the school gates and cried.

A bit of me died,
in my first school fight.
My first torn button,
my first bruised thigh.

A bit of me died,
when i first wet my pants,
with eyes lowered,
and shame realized.

A bit of me died,
with bits of broken glass pane.
An abandoned cricket ball.
Under the principal's glare.

A bit of me died,
of anxiety of delight,
of those precious 60 minutes.
When i first bunked my class to hide.

A bit of me died,
choking on my first stolen tiffin.
On the dry cold breads.
and sweetness of sly.

A bit of me died,
when i saw her smile.
My first love letter,
my first rejection alike.

A bit of me died,
in guessing the words,
and muted silencies,
of flash of genius in dumb charades.

A bit of me died,
in wide eyed awe.
on those slipping chiffons,
of my english teacher.

A bit of me died,
on the farewell dance.
In illusion of good riddance,
in search of a better world outside.

The rest of me that survived,
is endangered in the fight of might.
Wants to go back in a reverse drive.
Inside those closed walls,
where i am my innocence personified...

P.S: Hey!!! its my half random post after like months!!!.... :)

P.P.S:Hope I can come up with something worthwhile soon :P


Niti said...

I actually quite like the poem and the porn immunity levels.

PS - 15 minutes? seriously? :p

suruchi said...

Hello Bf...
Oho...bola tha merese pharandsheep kar lo...
Nahi ke na...
Ab ho bore!*gloating in sadist pleasure*
Quoting an internet genius “it’s a good thing people can’t kill over the internet...I am safe :P*

Back to back two good porn movies n still no thunder, huh?
“And why u are frisked more than the friends at ur mall?”
Maybe coz you are cuter...did that occur to u?
N cute with 2nd floor intelligence...kya baat hain!
Does it get deadlier than this?

And as for your cry...I may not be from Hyderabad...but I am from India...hehe...and ek Indian he doosre Indian ke kaam aata hain...
Naam n pata batao....maybe I would manage to help!;-)

Btw...which out of these boys peeping out from the bus window is you?*just to ensure so that my plans for Hyderabad darshan to you may withhold!*

P.S.1. Only you can make a post about ‘being bored’ not sound boring at all!
Well, that’s a great start!
Keep going!:-)

P.S.2. I absolutely loved the poem in the end...reminds me of why I am such a big fan of u:-)
*now where are those doe-emoticons?;-)*

Nipun said...

That was awesome man!!
I bit of me also died..:)
Felt so well connected at everything..
We are of the same league dude..
Hi 5s..:P
Lovely work man.
That wasn't random at all.
Keep writing mate..



oRange* said...

Woah! Lovely poem!
This is the product of boredom :|

blunt edges said...

ok lemme get this straight...u have porn n still u are bored?!?!?! DUDE...u should never be bored with porn around!!!

n about the poem...applause

Anonymous said...

Hey you coming to hyd!!!!!!!
When? and Where?
Welcome to HighDerabad.......
Come to hyd and you will have your creativity rejuvenated :~P
And about missing frnds..hmm..ahem..hmm..hum sab hain na!

Loved your poem...:~)

Madhu said...

Hyd calling eh? Thats my land! welcome to the most laid back city ever...:) :) we love our sleep and our guests!

U are bored with PORN around u..Seriously are u a guy?? Okay,i wont doubt that one..if boring people or people who are bored can write lovely peopms like this...i better be bopred all my life.

wait a minute..I am not bored..:(:(:(

Madhu said...

Poems* bored*

i can dream a hell long while typing!

oRange* said...

Ok, i dont blame you for getting bored inspite of having porn around you. It is boring! Grow out of it :P

Chanz said...

so mr emosanal guy, i think u r quite bored (yay..!! finally I reached the conclusion)..

i'll tell u what... make a benchmark... try making those 40 mins turn into 50 and then 1 hour... u know, u must keep challenging yourself...

err... it is ok till the time it is porn... well... if it had been a live girl and if 40 and 50 mins is what you would "need" then I am really doubtful if the girl would be, you know, able to control (or keep herself charged)...

Chhaya said...

Other than the loss parts, i m amused that u had parts of u dying with broken panes and bruised thighs.. i always felt that i lived more with each wound :)

welcome back!

Lakshmi said...

I loved the poem....absolutely wonderful :D

Not tht the rest of the post was not entertaining... Wish i cud tel u ways to get rid of ur boredom :)

Keep writing... mayb tht will help... n if all the posts come out as awsm as this.. mayb boredom is a boon :D

buckingfastard said...

@niti: thnks re!!! but 15 mins is not dat dis busy life of ours!!! 15 mins is a bliss!!

psst..check out wid oder guys...i m sure dey dont score better either :)

buckingfastard said...

@suruchi: arre...itni jaldi phraandship kar lunga to i cant stalk u na!!
den how will i make dose late night calls and scare u calling dat dint came out right....susu..suruchi)

and oye...i have my thunders alright!! point is dere is a limitation of thunders per day(TPD)!!

in non perverts its around 3-4 TPD...and i seem to be crossing my threshold!!

sorry i cant disclose my identity!! 11 jilla ke hawaldar mere peeche pare hue hai!!!

and yea!!! ur sure are a big fan...literally "BIG" fan!!

and i am just a thin fan of u!!

requoting internet genius..."it’s a good thing people can’t kill over the internet...I am safe :P"

buckingfastard said...


HIGH 5!!!

yea dat proves all men are same!! we are emosanal perverts!!! and u see how i combined emosan and pervertion in one post!!

buckingfastard said...

@orange: seriosly!! it was good!! choo chweet of u!!!

and can a man grow out of porn!! OMG!! i kno its repetitive dat dey do the same thing again and again!!
but dere are new girls...and u have ny idea abt dere innovative story line!!!!

u fail in xam and ur ma'm agrees to pass u if u giv her certain favours!!! damn why doesnt dat happens 2 me!!

buckingfastard said...

@blunt: dude!! dats precisely my point!!! earlier it was like...go u scary and hairy guy...go get her!!!

now its like...wats the point scary and hairy guy...she is just a bunch of implants

buckingfastard said...

@yummyladdu: arre ur frm hyderabad na!! yaay!!

i m coming on 18th to university of hyderabad,gachibowli(who will name a place like dis...doesnt it sound like kacchikali)

if things work out fine...maybe we can meet!! :)

buckingfastard said...

@madhu: arre dunt mind ur spelling mishtakes!! i will not be checking ur english paper nyways :P

yes i m cuming to ur land!!!dunt prosecute this trespassers!!

eeks!! luks like my boredom is takin over my manliness...i m off to "enjoy" porn!!

its just dat sometimes...u learn porn is not the end of life!!! sex is!! so get over ur hand...and get a life!!

buckingfastard said...

@chanz:now dat was a hard conclusion!!! if only title of my post was BORED dan it wud be easy for u reach dat conclusion na!!!ohh wait it is!! :|

ohh...a man shud learn one think...never challenge his Mr.Dickson!! he is ur only line of action!!

and btw...never compare hand wid girl...the time difference is is reduced by 10 times!!

buckingfastard said...

@chayya: ohh it hurts..those days and how i feel i cud have livd it in a better way!!! it hurts!!

life sure gets sucky day by day!! :P


buckingfastard said...

@lakshmi: thnku!!!

and wat u mean that the rest of my post ws not good!! how dare u!!! :P

nice perspective huh!! suffer to create gud things!! maybe i will use it next time wen i dunt get ny idea of a post!!

angel in disguise.... said...

drops of tear????...naaaa...ur blog is all abt laughter n smiles...:)
the poem was awesome..loved it, keep the poems coming..when u feel bored..!
first time here..n i must tell i enjoyed it..:)

bliss said...

okay, i think everyone got lost in your porn watching capacity. i,personally, liked you poem better. loved the last lines!!!

the rest of me that survived,
is endangered in fight of might!!

honestly dude, that was awesome!!
although, your situation sure is sympathetic but still, we get a good post and a nice poem. i am definitely not complaining!!1 :D

bliss said...

btw, you stole tiffins??? :O

Vagabond said...

beautiful piece of poetry there my friend.

*a bit of me died
as i walked pass by,
beyond the meadows and maize
to chagrin, to devilry signified*

The Alchemist said...

Nice post (but as usual):D...However, when r u coming to Hyderabad? Wud hv loved to meet my only Blogspot pal...

buckingfastard said...

@angel in real: well dunt be sure abt the absence of tears!!! i have got the tag f being sadist quite a few much!!!

but its good to spread laugh once in a while :P

welcome and thnkx a ton!

buckingfastard said...

@bliss: wid these chweet comments coming along...neither am i minding me being bored!!!

btw nice of u to not take notice of the dirty angle :P

and well...u heard of the lill spoilt brat!!! who stole oder innocent kids tiffin!! well i spend considerable side of my school life over dat fence

buckingfastard said...

@vagabond: luvd it!!!....devilry signified!!! quite a ponderable word...dont u think!!

thnkx to cosider my poem worty enuf to inspire dat :D

buckingfastard said...

@rini: nice is never usual!! compliments is what keeps us going out here!!! so always appriciated!! :)

bondgal_rulz said...

You should really get bored more often.

LOVED the poem.

But I think, with each of those moments, we only became more alive. :)


buckingfastard said...

@bondgal: ohh!! i m more creative when i m busy!!! but bore is more fun dan busy sure!! :P


suruchi said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaw hai...
I just read your reply....
Oh you smarty thin fan....stalking plans huh?
Are you sure you meant stalking n not stocking?
*Poor joke...I know*

Applause applause to your TPD...
Sounds like TRP of some B-grade channel...but anyways...

Here's my reply to your comment on my blog:
“Hmphf” first for doing the kinda disappearing act on the previous post...
I had a 101 expected comments lined up in my mind that would come from your profound mouth...
*Err....mouth’s not profound...never mind*

Then I thought you had probably been kidnapped...held hostage on a plane or your laptop’s been stolen...preventing thou from commenting here..
It even occurred to me that probably you’ve flunked a paper n contemplating to kill the most wittiest*I know you can’t use most n ‘est’ together*person in the world...
And then realized what you said to me earlier, “You can’t kill me over the internet”

Basically what I am trying to say here...

P.S. 1. This huge answer is a compensation for the huge comment;-)
P.S. 2. I ACTUALLY read the entire explanation about why night is dark n sun is hot...n realized...I am that bored too:-)
P.S.3. I have just two hands...just to set straight the record!
P.S.4. I didn’t mean the kidnapping, hostage or flunking part...wish u all the very best for your exams:-)

*Why do I always end up P.S.-ing you...even after a super long comment?:-(*

Bikramjit said...

well well well .. after reading this article I am seeing a lot of similarities .. he he he

I liekd the idea of back to back porn hmmmmm and the dancers too later on .. Happy place I bet every man has his happy place.. OH YES.. But let me tell you a secret the woman in the house who so ever they are .. THEY KNOW ALL ABOUT THAT HAPPY.. its just you dont know that THEY KNOW... Experience my friend counts for a lot of things :)

Getting frisked brother you got a problem and let me tell you its not the beard .. it those guys at the Door .. WATCH out next time :)

Have fun in hyderabad.. I am in UK but if you invite me I could come .. I do need that sort of FUN these days he he he ..

Showing around the pubs mate its a long way to birmingham, Uk,, but if you can make it .. I got a pub just 200 yards from my house , so a pub is never too far here and pub crawling is a favourite passion .. so anytime ...

the poem was great :)

sorry to have taken up so much of space :) yeah i write a lot especailly when NOT BORED.. so i guess your article made the change ...

Oxymoron said...

first time at your blog....i must say it's really completely sets the mood...interesting post...thts one elaborate dream you have....welll i hope at least a few of them come true...really loved the post..

anyways do give my blod a visit i write at

Raghav said...

heights of boredom: reading random blog posts
and ya, porn rules

buckingfastard said...

@suruchi: yea dear i meant stalking only....btw do u ever thot the guy who everyday follows u back home frm school everyday on a scooty pep...who is it??? think again!!

ohh u PS me soo much...coz PS I Lowwv u!!! :P

buckingfastard said...


fuck seriosly dey kno??? now dis is embarrassing !!! :O

and sure mate!!! u owe me one drink at dat pub wenever i come to UK!! :)

buckingfastard said...

@oxymoron: ur one of my favorite words in english!!! :P

welcomes and welcomes to my blog!!!

ohh btw i have a whole list of elaborate dreams!! will share it someday!! :)

buckingfastard said...

@raghav: ohh ur more bored dan me it seems :P

porn rules all the way to orgasam \m/

suruchi said...

Hmmm...but my school is in my home please tell that guy who follows some girl everyday in that scooty pep that he is following/stalking the wrong girl;-)

And yes I guess it is out then...
P.S. I loww you:P